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Based on the kind of vegetation to be found here, Bhutan can be divided into three zones:

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  • Alpine Zone (4000m and above) – Little or no vegetation,

  • Temperate Zone (2000 to 4000m) – Conifer or broadleaf forests,

  • Subtropical Zone (150m to 2000m) – Tropical or Subtropical vegetation.


National Animal of Bhutan - TakinWild life enthusiast can have a great time here as Bhutan is home to many diverse animal species. The carefully preserved habitats and the pristine environment serves as the perfect breeding grounds for animals like the Musk Deer, the Langurs, the Barking Deer, Wild Pigs, the Blue Sheep, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, the Gorals and Sambars. Yet other species that one can encounter in the tropical forests of Southern Bhutan include one horned rhinoceros, water buffaloes, swamp deer, clouded leopards, snow leopards, the Bengal tigers and the elephants. There is also the Golden Langur which is unique to Bhutan.

There are many varieties of birds to be found in Bhutan too. There are over 670 recorded species of birds here. Of these almost 415 species are resident birds. The forests here are home to many threatened species too. Buntings, thrushes, waders and ducks and the birds of prey are some birds that migrate in winter. There are some species that are partial migrants which include warblers, fly catchers, swifts, cuckoos, and the bee-eaters. Endangered bird species that can be seen here include Black Necked Crane, White bellied heron, Blyth’s King fisher, Pallas Fish eagle, etc.

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