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Bhutan is known by many names, the local crowd knows it as Druk Yulthe Land of Thunder Dragon. For travelers and backpackers, Bhutan is ‘the Last Shangri-La’. Bhutan is a land where nature can be seen in all its glory and wonder, a place where towering mountains & the floating clouds above seem to merge. One of the few places on earth which has still retained much of its scenic beauty & where you can still find Mother Nature in her true form offering her many wonders and bounties to all those who have the time and interest for it.

Isolated from the rest of the world till the very recent past, Bhutan opened its doors to the outside world in the early sixties. Now the country is well connected & international flights are available from New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bodhgaya and Bagdogra in India. Direct flights from Kathmandu, Bangkok, Dhaka and Myanmar are also available. Paro airport is the only international airport in Bhutan. Many private airlines are soon to enter the scene. With Internet making an entry here & a conscious effort by the Bhutanese government to market the country on the international tourist circuit, the country is fast becoming known to the world.

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